Benelux Data Centre Dialogue
22nd & 23rd April 2013, Amsterdam

The Benelux Data Centre Dialogue.

As the European economy continues to cast a long shadow over business growth, the demands on the data centre continues to increase. Indeed it is more important than ever to ensure that the Head of the Data Centre continues to make strategic technology investments to deliver cost effective services which benefit the business.

Rising cost of floor space, high energy costs, increasing data centre complexity, tight budgets, new security risks, mobile consumerisation and growing storage demands are forcing dramatic changes in building, operating and outsourcing data centres. This shift is being driven by new technology, maturing cloud computing models and virtualisation and is heralding a new dawn in the delivery of IT services.

econique's Benelux Data Centre Dialogue brings together Heads of Data Centre Operations, Infrastructure and Architecture from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg who are focused on delivering improved quality, agility and innovative solutions to meet rapidly changing business dynamics.

Key topics discussed included:

  • Current data centre trends
  • The use of managed services
  • Infrastructure integration, consolidation & simplification
  • Moving to the cloud
  • Aligning business objectives and IT needs
  • Data centre innovations
  • BYOD & mobile strategies

Call for papers:

We work closely with a carefully chosen panel of leading experts to put together a timely and relevant programme which truly reflects key issues for the data centre industry.

We are constantly seeking expert feedback and new contacts to consolidate our understanding of the key issues facing the industry.

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Solution Partner Opportunities:

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